She saved my life....

5:08 PM

I nearly lost my life this morning. It started out like any normal Wednesday morning. I drug myself out of bed at 6:30 am to make it to my Chemistry class at 7:00 am, in my pajamas might I add... Tawni and I are in the same class and just happen to LOVE it when we get out of class early because this means we can walk our roommates to their Spanish class at 9:00! Well today was one of those lucky days. Audra was sick, so we walked Ashley to class. It was a HOT morning, but we still loved it! 
As soon as we got home I raced to get in the shower, because I really wanted time to study at the library for my microbiology quiz at 11:00. However, someone else had a different plan for me. While showering, I went to grab my shampoo and found what had to be the LARGEST cockroach I have EVER seen in my life. I didn't want to instantly scream and wake up my dear Audra, who was sleeping off what may or may not be swine flu. I sat there staring at the massive creature thinking of what I could do... so I just yelled for Tawni (sorry Audra). I wrapped up in the shower curtain and she came and rescued me..... 


Tawni is officially my favorite for the day... and my HERO for life! 

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