Life back in Thatcher

9:32 AM

Life has been busy the last couple months. I moved home for the summer and worked for dad. He was able to take a lot of little vacations, leaving me in charge.... I learned this summer that I don't know how good of a manager I am. It was very stressful at times, and I know the stress I was feeling was nothing close to what Dad must feel at times. I am glad I did it though. It was good to be back home for a while. My social life didn't exist anymore, and I remembered how much I love to be a home body!! I don't know if that is a good thing. When I was there I decided I was coming back to Thatcher... WHAT!?!?! I really hated this place when I lived here before, why on earth would I want to come back???? I don't know, I just feel like it is a good place for me. I am happy to be back. I have survived my first week of school, and my first week of ever sharing a room or closet! hahaha!! I really have the best roommates. They are the sweetest girls, and I really do love them so much! We have lots of fun, and I laugh a lot. Here are just a few pictures from the first week here :) 


This Is Cortney. I just love her. She lives in the apartment above us, and she is kind of like the 5th roommate. She is just wonderful and I love hanging out with her! She was the first girl that I met when I got here... Even before my roommates, Ashley and Tawni. 
Audra and Cortney. I love Audra so much! She shares my room with me and she is an absolute sweetheart. She leaves me notes, and she is so kind! I am excited for this year! 

Ashley!!!! I love, love, LOVE this girl! She is the other roommate and she is so funny.... I laugh all the time with her. She is so goofy, and acts like a nerd with me, and I think that is why I love her so much!

Tawni has beautiful curly hair. She is always trying to be a "nice person" I just don't understand where she got the idea that she is not. She is funny, and I really like her.  NOTE: She is just being silly right here, her hair is not usually that out of control. 

Earlier this week we created our "idea box" This was inspired by my friend Jesse Pettit in Mesa. He did it when I lived there. It was a lot of fun. So we got everyone together and made it... it is going to be a fun sememster! 

Nate (aka "Big Rig", Kenny, and Adam. Nate had some really good ideas:) 

Random Happenings 

KENNY!!! Monday was the first day of school, and I went to the book store and ran into Mr. Golladay. I didn't even know he moved here. So really I still don't even know him that well.  I went out on a date with him earlier this year, and then never went out again because I started dating someone else.... or maybe he just didn't like me that much... hahaha!! We are having fun though, and I am happy I ran into him. 

Meet Matt and Andrew. They got a hold of my camera last Sunday night. We had them over for a potluck and games. Matt was just visiting, but now has moved here! I knew who Andrew was because of last time I was here... He is tall and skinny... and just a strange funny kid!  

Audra has a hula hoop... I was REAL bad at it... but I gave it a good effort. I would post some videos of the boys doing it, but I promised I would not.... but honestly they were so much better than I was... They put my skills to shame! 

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