It's possible I live at a library....

10:13 AM

Life has been a little stressful the last couple weeks. I feel like I have been studying my life away at the library, and it is only going to get worse when I am actually in nursing school. I spoke in church on Sunday, and that is always stressful for me... but I feel like it went well. I had some good friends come to listen to me, and that made me feel happy. Thanks guys! :) 

Ashley, Audra, and I are in the Relief Society Presidency together. It's been fun to serve with them, and LIVE with them! I am so lucky to have such good roommates, they are just really good girls. They probably get sick of me and how opinionated I am about things, but I really do love them! Audra has a habit of signing me up for things I would normally say NO to. First, she signed me up to sing with her, Ashley and Tawni at devotional... really??? I don't sing well at all, especially in comparison to all of their beautiful voices. Then she agreed for me to be on a dating panel tonight for a mutual activity... WHAT!??!!? I know nothing about dating, don't be fooled by my age in comparison to everyone else in Thatcher... still don't know what I am doing in that area! haha! I really am glad Audra helps me get out of my comfort zone. I wish everyone could meet her, she is awesome! She reminds me of my mamma! 
Oh and guess what!?!?!? I put my nursing application in yesterday!!!!!  Now I just wait to see if I get in!!! I hope I do, I don't know if my pride can handle a rejection letter.
Life is good, regardless of that long list of what may seem like complaints... I am so happy to be here right now, and for everything that is going on in my busy life :)

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