Never Make a Peacock Mad

9:21 AM

There is a house of boys that I love dearly here, we call them the peacock boys for short, since there are 8 of them (Alan, Matt, Dan, Adam, Andrew, Keith, Greg, Ryan). They are great guys, and they are so funny! I met them the first night I was here, I am sure they don't remember me, but I remember them. I learned that first night that  Alan is afraid of guns, and all 8 of them plus several girls still can't push Cortney's car out of the sand :)

This is the only picture I could find with MOST of them together.... yes I stole it from Keith's facebook.
(Greg, random girl without an appropriate shirt on, Adam, Dan, and Matt)

On Labor Day weekend, the town of Thatcher becomes nearly deserted. Sunday night Rhianna stayed over with Audra and I, and we had a slumber party!!! In the middle of the night, we decided we were going to pull a prank on the Peacock Boys, because they were also gone. How often are ALL 8 of them going to be gone... perfect opportunity right??? We wrote them a ransom note that was intended for them to get all their bedding back. We drove out to their house and turned around 3 different times. They still had SIX cars at their house and they were all supposed to be gone... so we were a little nervous we would get into their house and find someone sleeping as we pulled the sheets out from underneath them. So we made a last minute decision to just steal their grill. We thought we were so funny! The ransom note told them they had to deliver a GLUTEN-FREE dessert in order to get it back.... 

"thieves, the friendly neighborhood ones" or more commonly known as the BB's :)

So this is what they showed up with Monday night.... and Matt's words were something like , "what??? it's gluten free! Rice flour... and the rest of it is gluten free, I know it. See it even says desert!"

It was funny! I am glad they were good sports about it :) Last night however I learned to never play pranks on those boys ever again. They are not ALWAYS good sports.  Cortney and I went over to deliver cookies, and school stuff to Matt. While there, we learned that their Love Sac had been stolen... they were not happy about it. Pretty sure all their ideas to get the people back who stole it were SO mean. For example: putting catfish bait under their car doors.... no big deal right?? WRONG! Apparently is smells like poo... Durning their hour of spitting out different ideas to get them back someone says "Lets just go throw rocks through their windows!" AH!! Never again will I play tricks on them, they had some really good, MEAN ideas to get people back... 
Lesson learned: never make a peacock mad!

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