Sanity is Renewed

9:08 AM

Erin and Amanda came to visit me this weekend. I love these girls so much! They are, by far, 2 of my favorite people. I realize that I do have lots of favorite people, and have a tendency to love most people I meet... but these girls are different. I met them about 2 1/2 or 3 years ago when I lived in Mesa. They were in my ward, and their house just basically adopted me as one of their roommates. At the time I had been living alone, and they always included me in all of the roommate things they did. All of those girls have become some of my best friends. Lisa, Shauna, and Lindsey are all married, but we all still get together and have fun occasionally and they bring their husbands.
Living in Thatcher this time, I have learned lots of new things and have realized it is hard sometimes to meet new people that you just click with. I don't know if it is because most of the people here are younger than me, or if I really am just a big grouch.. but some days it is hard and I really miss the friendships I built in Mesa. I could not have asked for a better weekend for Erin and Amanda to come visit me. It was a nice little pick me up to keep going. Studying becomes redundant and all the silly drama gets to me sometimes... and this weekend was free of all of the above! I am glad we could have a last little hoorah before Erin heads to Brazil for 18 months!!! Love you girls :)

Amanda, Erin, and I at the duck ponds

Pima Mini Mart has the BEST mint chocolate chip ice cream... look how HUGE the single scoop is :)

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