face lift

3:27 PM

The house has been in desperate need of a face lift for some time. 
I have either not had time or money.
When I had one, I didn't have the other.
We finally bit the bullet,
and with a little help from my mom we were able to make a few changes.
They made a big difference! 

Unfortunately I don't have any before shots,
I am still bad with a camera.
But hoping I will be better at capturing memories in the future.

Here are the afters and I am in love with my updated house now! 

Before there were red and white daisies below the the dining table and big red circle candles that were on either side of the mirrors.
Now there are coordinating flowers below and the candles you can barely see may be my favorite part of the redo... they are gorgeous! 

Before there was a sofa here directly across from the dining area and above were some green stars and signs with sayings I had made about 10 years ago.
Now there is a shrine dedicated to me and my love and some adorable lamps whose shades I recovered and bodies I painted. (Side note: everything else on the dresser will be gone and a something spectacular will replace them.) 

Before there hung dreadful red pictures of flowers that I pretty much hated from the moment they were hung when I moved in the first time ( before being a married women, nurse, or nursing student) They now hang in the extra room upstairs where they fit the decor of the room much better.
Now hangs a beautiful fabric covered canvas. I purchased the canvas from a yard sale like 6 years ago. I started to paint and stencil it, however it was problem after problem. 50% off Joannes fabric fixed my problem for on $15! 

Before the red dresser pictured above was home to a television that was way over due for an update and there hung 3 large green stars that matched other said stars above. (I was so sick of stars and the color green)
Now sits Cheston's favorite Christmas gift ever and who would have thought the couch could go in front of it and not be a terrible choice (Always listen to your mothers) Also my mother graciously let us use the iron work above because it was just perfect for the new do! 

Before there were those long sliding blinds that were cool like a decade ago. My mother came and hung the dark curtains on an old piece of copper about a month ago and I hated it every time I looked over at them. I loved the curtains, hated the copper pipe. I insisted on a NORMAL pole even if it cost $100 dollars! 
Now the curtains hang beautifully! My mom is the most thrifty person I know and found this beautiful rod for a whopping $15! SCORE! And she already had the sheer curtains behind. The plan was to have the sheer showing sometimes, I still have not closed the other ones yet! It look great! 

The stools pictured above were recovered with this beautiful fabric and the pillows on the couch were covered in a coordinating fabric to match!
I don't know why I didn't get a picture of the pillows, whoops!! (Like I said, bad camera skills)

I am in love with my new decor and so happy my mom was willing to help! I am so stubborn at times and she was patient! 
Life is a little happier here at the Thatcher's house! 

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