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1:14 PM

It's probably past due for an update in the Thatcher family.
First things first: I AM A NURSE!
I thought NCLEX was going to kill be, but I survived and it is behind me.
I got my first job as an RN exactly 1 week after I passed the test.
I had 2 job offers.
I took one
2 months later, I was laid off with 10 other ladies.
I was angry.
Still am at times.
But I am back on the hunt, and I am hopeful.

One good thing came from that job.... I was finally able to afford a flight to Washington to see the Allred family.
It was so fun!
Kacin was baptized.
I met L and D...
I fell in love with them
D is the sweetest boy EVER.
And L is BeAuTiFuL
Kacin and Kyler are really growing up, and they are still very silly and so much fun!
I was so happy be go- I miss being able to see them often.
I am hoping that I get a job soon so we can save for a trip up this summer.

I am focusing on myself this year.
I have spent so much time completely and entirely focused on nursing school.
It's my turn.
I am going to actually read a book.
Finally get back to working out.
And remember all the things I used to enjoy.

Ches is hard at work at ASU.
Last semester kept is so busy.
I have a feeling this semester I may live the life of a widow.
I don't believe I will be seeing him much
Genetics, Ecology, O-Chem, Asian Religions...
Enough said.

We don't have any recent pictures... I happen to be bad at taking them when I have gained a million pounds... but here is a old but good one. Cheston hates this one. I love it. 

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