lucky i'm in love with my best friend

6:08 PM

I thought friends were forever. 

Off and on over the last year I have struggled with wondering why some of my friends just don't really feel like friends anymore.
Well mostly just one friend and a couple others. But mainly just the one.
And not just any friend.
One who I thought was a great friend.
You know the one that gets the invites to all the extra special stuff at your wedding...
Yes this is a little bit of a rant. 
But for some reason it has just really bothered me.
Do I still try?
Is it all in my head?
Has she really been too busy to call me on the phone for the last year?
Why do I keep calling her? 
What's with the one to two word texts? 
Why am I the only one of our friends she doesn't talk to?
Is that not obvious enough for me?

Like I said, it's really been bothering me.
I figure if I write about it maybe I will feel better. 

But then I remembered I have some of the best friends ever.
Especially this one...

I married the most handsome man ever.
Who always answers my calls.
Who texts me just because he wants to tell me he loves me while he is in class.
Who rubs my feet just because.
Who makes me laugh every day.
Who never wants a single person in the world to feel bad!
Who would do anything just to make me happy. 
Who always is thinking of other people. 
And I could go on.
He is the best.

So although some friends go away. He always has my back, and loves me no matter what.

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