back to the motherland

10:18 AM

After what felt like the L O N G E S T drive of my life... We are finally back to ARIZONA!!

We could not be more happy, however it seems as though life just keeps getting more and more busy. We have not been able to breathe in the almost 2 weeks we have home. And can you believe we are still not entirely unpacked?? Yeah, hate my life. Not really, but I hate that we are not settled yet.

Here is a quick recap of our last week in Texas:

Cheston turned 24 years old
Note: he is faking excitement....

We celebrated one year together by visiting the Downtown Houston Aquarium

We became white tigers

And ate wonderful Brazilian food. If I look miserable it is because I got sick after dinner- too much meat! But might I say those beautiful drinks in the picture may be the BEST lemonade I have EVER tasted.
P.S. I love him

I finally went out knocking with Cheston. Let's just say my husband is a champ for walking in the heat all summer long. Here is a majority of his team. We made so many friends this summer and will miss them.

Too much Diet Mt. Dew on the way to San Antonio... finally our first leg back to Arizona!

 The Alamo

World's Tallest Man

 World's largest waist size.... wow!

and this awkward picture is from the riverwalk in downtown San Antonio- so hot-so fun!

I love all the memories of our summer! Cheston is now a student of the big campus of ASU, and he is doing great so far. I have learned that this semester will be more busy than I ever thought possible. I may never see my husband.
Oh and did I mention I still need to start studying for NLCEX so I can finally be a nurse?? That is a whole new anxiety in itself... How about everyone just pray for me from now until I tell you I am a nurse.. okay?? 

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