Life in Houston

6:33 PM

Our summer has FLOWN by! We have been so busy working, studying, and working some more. Our time together is very limited as Cheston works ALL the time, but it could not have been a better decision for us to come out here. We have lived a simple life here in Houston. Although our living space as increased a lot our possesions have dwindled. We left or sold most of our possessions before leaving Arizona as we knew we would be back in a few short months. Here is a small tour of simple home. Don't mind the terrible cell phone quality pictures:

Living Room

Dining Room
yes that is our dining table and we sit indian style every meal :)

Our kitchen- and a mop
(evidence that I am a much better housekeeper than before)

Our Bedroom
We sleep on the floor and sit on the floor to use our computer.


We have had a LARGE German Cockroach infestation and after our apartment complex finally decided to come and fix it we had an infestation of DEAD roaches in our cabinets and I moved the kitchen to the living room because I refused to put my stuff back in the cabinets and made my own with our moving boxes... ghetto?? Possibly, but we only have another week!

My handsome and very tired husband on the way out of Thatcher. Boy do we miss it there!

Downtown Houston

Alterra takes us to dinner almost every Saturday due to Cheston's team selling so much pest control! We went to this Brazilian place and my heavens it was GOOD! We are going there for our anniversary next week since we have 2 free dinners there!  

Welcome to the Galveston beaches... my they are beautiful. There were dead birds and fish EVERYWHERE and Cheston was appauled I would take pictures of it. I was appauled the water was brown and it smelled like dead fish everywhere we went.

Cheston's FAVORITE part of our Galveston journey was an African shop that was in a shopping area. He loves and misses Africa so much... I love and miss Arizona so much. Only a few more days and I will be back in Arizona though! Cheston will have to probably wait a few years before we make it to Africa.

As much as I have wanted to go home, I am so happy we came to Texas. I love my husband more than I ever thought possible and I appreciate the time I had with Cheston's family being so close so much more. And as much as I hope we never do this again, I would not trade this summer for anything!

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