12 X 17

5:56 PM

What once was a GARAGE.... is now our HOME

12 X 17 feet. That is the size of our living space!

Our bed reaches higher than my waist in height. And I love it!! Sure, it's a full size, and I have to use a chair to get in it every night, it was the best idea I have ever had! Honest!

Also I love the quilt, at the end of the bed, that my mother and aunt made for our wedding!

Happy to know we are not starving?? Welcome to our kitchen.

Which also seconds as the study.

Cheston is the best husband! He goes to work every morning at 6 am...

and still magages to get straight A's!! He got the highest score in class on his Chemistry test last week! And as I blog, he is in Anatomy and I just recieved the following text:

"I got a 100% on my test!"

I married a GENIUS!!! and not only is he a smarty pants, he rubs my feet, washes the dishes, does chores with me EVERY Saturday and cooks for me sometimes!


So she is not a looker... Neither is the curtain behind her.
The curtain was a great idea, compliments of my mother. So we now have a living room AND a bedroom.... Not just a large open space. All for less that 10 bucks! Thank you mom!

Cheston likes to read here. Thank you Grandma for the chair! We love it!
Can't wait for our other wedding pictures- if you can't tell.

Christmas came a little early this year in our home! I think I am just so excited that Cheston and I will have our first Christmas as a family this year!!

I hate the bathroom. The floor that has water randomly seep up from who knows where. The shower that I can barely move in. The sink that never drains (although Cheston, the plumber, fixed it today and it smelled like puke in the house afterward.) So maybe tomorrow I will be a little happier about this room- until then, be happy this is not yours! SERIOUSLY.... be happy it is not yours.

That fan on the celing- it isjust a decoration... oh and the light switch is on the wall in the living room- seriously, who thought that was the ideal place???

We love our first home, despite the bathroom. And as much as people make fun of our bed, I think it is genius! You have no idea how much room it saves until you live in a SMALL one car garage.

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