lazy house wife

10:32 AM

...that is what I have become. The lazy housewife.

I have watched an entire season plus some of Grey's Anatomy since Monday.

I have not had lunch ready for Cheston on his lunch break 50% of the time this week.

I am still in my pajamas today, and it is 1:oo pm. This is not the first day this week (it's Thursday people) that pajamas were worn ALL day.

I have dirty towels on the floor in our room... they have been there for a solid week.

Cheston has run out of underwear twice in the last month (and is well on his way to time number 3).

It took me 4 days to change the sheets on our long overdue bed.

I have let stacks of books and homework piled up on the side table, kitchen table, computer desk, dresser, floor, and couch for the last week.

AND I have stepped on crumbs, nasty floor juice in the bathroom every single day for the last 2 weeks, and just barely found the motivation to sweep and mop the floors about 15 minutes ago.

Anyone who knows me well or has lived with me KNOWS that I am ANTI-MESS and dirty... to the extreme!

But I have been cooking and baking new things...
Like apple crisp
Butterscotch rolls for Cheston
Brownies for our primary kids TWICE! (the first time I forgot
it was Fast Sunday-
so they went with us to Cheston's parents for Sunday dinner)
AND.... homemade pizza!

(That is a gluten free delight!)

All perfect ingredients for getting f a t and having a smelly house! Something must change!!

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