What's mine is yours... and so marriage goes....

1:51 PM

It seems as though I have lost sight of blogging, I can't believe it has been so long.

I AM MARRIED! I regret to inform you all that I myself don't have my wedding pictures yet.... stay tuned though, I know they will come one day!

It was a perfect day! Everything went right, we were in the temple, no stress, good food, good people... and I was married to the BEST man in the world! It could not have been more perfect :)

Cheston took me on a surprise honeymoon to Breckenridge, CO.... because he is super romantic and stuff.

The highlight of the trip goes as follows:

Wedding night after reception picking our things up at the house before we left to Mesa:

Ches: Shoot! I forgot my flip flops at my parents house. I really don't want to go all the way back there, can I just wear yours?

ME: Sure! They will be too small, but if you want to, that is fine!

Ches: They will be fine. I will just wear them tonight and to the pool and stuff.

We were on our way. The morning after while getting ready to leave to the airport from the hotel:

Ches: (thinking out loud) Should I wear tennis shoes today, or just your flip flops?

ME: Just wear the flip flops! It will be easier going through security and stuff.

Cheston agrees and wears my flip flops.

On our way to Breckenridge in the rental car from Denver:

ME: We should go hiking one day! It's so pretty here. What do you think?

Ches: That is a great idea! We are going to have so much fun this week! (He smiles)

Cheston's smile quickly turns into a look of terror....

I start laughing.....

Ches: I don't have shoes! All I have are your flip flops!!

I found much humor in the situation..... Cheston, not so much.....

And so our life goes.... I laugh a lot, Cheston doesn't always think it's as funny as I do.

I love him, and I love being married!!

We should serioulsy consider changing careers to photographers.... we are that good at documenting all memories.

All the pictures we took, were this good....

I tried to add a video, but it won't load... sorry!

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