12:03 PM

I think about some of the REALLY good moms that I know. My very own mother is amazing! She is very patient, kind, loves us no matter what, RARELY loses her temper, so fun, and she is one of my very best friends! Also there is my sister-in-law, Laura. She is wonder mom I swear. She is everything a mother should be! I am seriously amazed by her. If any of you read her blog or know her, you would agree with me 150%.

I think I am going to fail at motherhood. Why you ask???
I never fail to get upset at a messy house in the morning.
I never fail to say something unkind everyday.
I never fail to not feel the love at least once a week.
I am known to be a fun hater.
.... and sometimes a really awful friend to them.

I feel so bad for being so awful somedays.... I heard a quote yesterday from Elder Faust "Self mastery is the key to spirituality." I have a long way to go....

I am not ready for motherhood, and I hope that one day I will follow the example of some of the BEST mothers I know.... Laura and my mom!!

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