28 days

8:14 PM

In exactly 28 days I will be finished with my first block of nursing school! I can't even believe it, it has FLOWN by! I never thought I would even get into nursing school, and here I am... DOING IT!!!! (and staying half way sane in the process might I add)
I figured since school rules my life, and I should be studying right now, I would update my neglected blog before the next 3 craziest weeks of life come at me.

Just a few things that have happened:

THIS GIRL has come to see me two different times. I wonder how I have survived my entire lifetime without her. Seriously.... The BESTEST friend I could ask for :)

Maryann came, and I loved every second of it.... even if I was busy with school!

I took a break from life and went to Mesa with Jenny and Cara. It was seriously a great weekend... and it was followed up with:

A drive up the mountain to look at to fall colors on Sunday afternoon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall. And this was just the start to a magnificent week!

I occasionally wonder why certain things have happened in life the way they have. I always know that there is a bigger plan than mine, but still, I sometimes question the purpose. Tonight after studying all day and pondering for the last few days about the way things have gone this semester.... something wonderful happened! A simple comment was made to me by a lady in my ward, and it answered the very question I have been having! I know I am exactly where I need to be and the Lord is pleased with what I am doing.... That makes everything worth it!

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