I love 2 for 1's

12:06 AM

This is Danny.
Danny comes over every day with his lunch.

Danny told us a story about a girl who gave her roommates mattress away after only 3 days of knowing her. Why you ask? Because someone else needed a bed of course!

Natalie and Cara gave their roommate's bed away..... to someone else that needed a bed of course!

Danny's roommate's girlfriend was visiting for the night.
Danny's roommate has a twin size bed he planned on sharing.
Danny knows slumber parties are against the rules.... Danny's roommate likes to break the rules.

Danny's roommate did not appreciate the humor.
Natalie and Cara's roommate did not either.

Natalie and Cara successfully tricked 2 people with 1 prank.
Genius? I think so!

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