2 weeks

9:20 AM

I am only 2 weeks into school and I have been reading more than I ever thought I could. I read and read and read..... yet I feel so far behind. I hope I survive this!
Also I went to my first institute dance that I actually enjoyed. That was a huge surprise! I get less sleep than I ever have, and I am surviving. I think I may be able to do this. Also I just got called to be the relief society president. LIFE IS BUSY!!! But it is very good. :) Here are some pictures of my life in the last 2 weeks!

Ashley came for a visit and we went to a movie!! I LOVE this girl and miss her every single day!!!
CARA!!!! She is so cute! I am so happy I live with her :) We are going to Devotional.

Andy :)

First and only trip to the library..... Degen equals FAVORITE!

Jennifer!! This is the worst picture. I am so exhausted. We even snuck 79 cent happiness in... thats how tired I was. Jennifer is my first counselor and my roommate! She is so darn funny!!!

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