one down.... two to go

10:53 AM

Meet Mrs. Parker!

She did it, she is married! I am so happy for her. She was the first of 3 roommate weddings this summer. If you are good at math, you will know that I had 3 roommates, and 3 weddings this summer equals them all getting married!

Some of my favorite past times with TK include our trip to Nogalas I never blogged about, and still hear about. Here are a few highlights:

First stop- Catholic church. Don't remember the name, but it was pretty. They had exactly one bathroom stall open for about 50 ladies.

We traveled on a bus, for hours! Sudoku!

I used my spanish skill to order us soda from McDonalds

We rode a bike

Last but not least.... this man is a student, and provided much entertainment. His hat says "MEXICO" he was awesome.

Countless tricks played on Ashley, and walks every day. Chemistry class at 7 am, which included several notes.. your spelling skills rock TK, need I say more?? Happy hour?? YES! Her forcing me to go outside my comfort zone, and wearing shorter shorts in public. Kickboxing class that no one else enjoyed.... and the list goes on.

My favorite past time would be the night we stayed up whispering in my bedroom while Audra slept. I have no documented pictures just a lot of fun memories... the following video will demonstrate just one of the strange nights we had, just passing time:

I love you TK! You saved my life and have been one of the best friends to me this last school year. You were always willing to listen to me whine about boy problems, and you would always go walking with me, even if it was the 3rd time that day I wanted to go for a walk. JD will not be as cool of a roommate as me, I am certain of that... but he is a good man, and you are a lucky woman!

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