I am Jim Halpert...

12:46 PM

.... she is Dwight Schrute. Is safe to say that I am so good at playing tricks on my roommates? Does it usually result in someone being upset for the rest of the day or the week?? The answer to both of those questions is, "YES!" I play most jokes on Ashley and TK and depending on who is the victim, I usually include the other as being a sidekick to my plot that brings me much happiness. My tricks have included locking Ashley out of the house at 11:00 p.m. when she had run up to Cortney's house quickly. TK and I sit on the couch giggling as Ashley groans, "Ugh! They locked me out!!" Luckily Cortney was with her and taught her how to remove the screen in the window to open the door.... As we burst into laughter, Tk and I received looks of death.... which nearly resulted in the death of TK. Ash attempted to lock Tawni out of their room for the remainder of the night.... She gathered all keys waved them in the air and exclaimed, "I am going to bed, and locking the door!" I was somewhat puzzled at the reaction to such an AMAZING trick that lasted no longer that 30 seconds.... You would think that I would learn my lesson from this experience, however I have not! These experiences have brought me many good times to laugh at and reflect on here in Thatcher.

This week yet another trick began. One day Ashley and I were home alone and she began to explain to me how she prefers the toilet paper to be on the holder a certain way and if it is not she goes nuts and has to change it. Instantly a lightbulb appeared above my head and for the next 3 days I switched the toilet paper to the opposing way that could make a human being go crazy and not be able to continue their experience in the bathroom until the toilet paper had be changed to the proper way of holding. Sadly she did catch me just as I got Tawni and Audra in on the act.... happiness ended.

The "PROPER" way to have the toilet paper hang

My master trickery :)

Just seconds ago I played a switcheroo on Ash. Until she reads this blog, she will think the trick was played on me.... Thank goodness TK is the most trusted sidekick of all and Ashley's tricks are not as genius as mine :) Her trick was simply that she wanted Tawni to convince me to start Harry Potter without her and I would assume her to get mad if we started the movie without her..... however I am the master of tricks, and Tawni told me it was a trick. So as Ashley got out of the shower I informed her that Tawni is a jerk and wanted to start the movie without her, but I am a kind friend and would never do that to her..... however I will always play the best tricks on her because I am Jim Halpert and she is Dwight Schrute.....


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