To Speak Like and Angel.....

10:40 AM

I don't know how well someone has to know me to know that I don't usually think about things before I say them... They just come out. I have been known to hurt feelings on several occasions whether intentional or not (yes I said intentional, you have done it too, don't judge me). Last night as I got into bed I had this prompting that I needed to read Elder Holland's address "The Tongue of Angels" I was in bed though, so I struggled to get out of bed and I am SO glad I did.

This is what I noticed this time:
"A woman's words can be more piercing than any dagger forged, and they can drive the people they love to retreat beyond a barrier more distant than anyone in the beginning of that exchange could ever have imagined."

I always try to get better at this, and seem to always fail. The Lord does hear and answer prayers to bring comfort and new understanding.... even if it is at one in the morning, we just have to listen and obey.

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