EARLY Christmas and Birthday Fiesta

11:47 AM

You think you know a guy.... but you don't!
Last Saturday we had a fun roommate Christmas and then a birthday party that night for TK, Cortney and I. Since we will all be gone for birthday's we celebrated early! It was so much fun. Throughout the evening the Happy Birthday song rang through the house 3 different times, once even in SPANISH!!! (that was mine... I was really happy about it)
For Christmas TK got us roomie shirts to make. It was a lot of fun spending time with the girls and crafting! Are the shirts complete inside jokes?? ABSOLUTELY... no one understands them, and if we tell them, they don't think it is as near as funny as we do... So I will not even begin to explain. But I love them so much and it was the best gift! Audra got us mace.... as TK says "She is very into guns, knifes, and safety." That is very true... I think she is a gun advocate... if a guy crossed her wrong she would take a gun on them and that is the truth, she even told me once. She said, "They have already made the decision to put themselves in harms way." Not to worry though, we keep all guns away from her and she is not completely crazy :)

Front view: "I heart pacman"
Audra was gone with Kaleb so I didn't get her in... Tawni did later, but she has already left for Christmas :(

Back view: "... and Mexico"

Me, Cortney (c-face) and Tawni (TK)

Dallin and Weston wanted shirts too :) They say: "I heart 502 girls" we forgot the apartment part... so it looks like they are girl crazy... but they really just love us :) OR I like to think they do

I was so happy we all were able to share a celebration together for our birthday. Since we love Mexico and it is Christmas time we thought it fitting to decorate with red and green streamers :) I am even going to learn spanish so I can be well versed in the culture :) We had TWO birthday cakes... one gluten-free ... happiness!

The handsome mexican boys serenaded us in Spanish!!
Axel, Dallin, Weston, and Kaleb

I left the party early to go watch the last round of the NFR with Dallin and our new friend Weston. While I was gone my friend Degen told me had a present for me... I WAS SO EXCITED!! I was not expecting gifts from any one, and was very pleased with the thoughtfulness he had. So Dallin and I hurried back home to see what my gift was... this is what we found....

That is a paddle in his hand!! OUCH!! and what the heck Dallin?? He held my legs down so I didn't kick... TRAITOR


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