The Perfect Morning

1:06 PM

Who says that things can't be absolutely perfect??? This morning I woke up to Audra getting ready for school in peace and quiet... No wretched alarm going off every 5 minutes for an hour an a half, instead a peaceful happy Audra sitting in front of the closet picking out her clothes for the day. As I woke up, she greeted me with a huge smile and said, "Natalie you creeped me out last night. You whisper and laugh while you sleep." First, I don't know why she is smiling and telling me that I am creepy, but it is our sweet, naive little Audra. However, this is brand new information to me. I had not a clue that this is what happens when I sleep well :) I knew that there are times that I snore as loud as my mother, which is loud enough to wake yourself up... but whisper... and laugh?? It is quiet the change from the norm in our little room. It is usually Audra who causes some sort of ruckus, or her alarm clock actually... Have I mentioned I HATE THAT THING!!!!!! I think I may snap it in half one day, and I am not kidding! Enough of that... in through the nose out through the mouth. I get angry just thinking about it.
As the morning progressed (2 minutes later), Rhianna called both Audra and I. Rhianna is my sister, or so everyone thinks. People ask us all the time if we are sisters, and I don't complain because she is BEAUTIFUL... Which equals Natalie being beautiful :) hahaha! Kidding, but really. Anyway my sister called to let us know that we should not open our front door unless we wanted to be greeted with a flood of snow. A guy named Eric called her and told her so she could tell us! Eric is a guy who honestly believes my name is Rachel and INEVER EVER correct him. Some say it is a mean joke, I compare it to joy... It makes me VERY VERY happy every time it happens. Seriously makes me laugh no matter how many times a day it happens... He says it so confidently and I just LOVE it :) We went and looked out the front window, sure enough it snows in Thatcher, and our front door was packed tightly with snow from the ground to the top. I have always wanted to know what it is like to be snowed in... and now I know. I thought it was really funny! I want to hug whoever did it, they are genius! I love that our window seconds as a door. What a perfect morning :)

Tk has only been awake for 3 minutes here... yes we woke her up just to see it :)

Audra and Ashley off to school :)

shovels of choice : dust pan and ice scraper... Tawni chose a spatula, and it broke, who would have thought???

Tawni and I

Tawni and Ash

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