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It has been some time since I updated my life... yes I said my life! Not much goes on here in the little town of Thatcher. I have decided I really need to get a hobby... I am back into the swing of things with school, and now I feel like I have all the time in the world to do anything, yet I just sit around my house thinking how bored I am. It is getting cold outside so I hate leaving the house even just to go to my truck to drive to school... 7 am Chemistry class is on my list of hate right now... I wear LAYERS and LAYERS of clothes and I am still cold.
Last month we had our Fall Sing concert. It was interesting... It's the first time I have been in a choir, outside of church, since junior high. It was a 3 day concert, and we wore the MOST BEAUTIFUL dresses I have ever seen (take note that sarcasm is in my tone).
In the last couple weeks I have gone with my roommates to Globe twice... that tells you how lame my life is... hahahaha! We went on Vet's Day as roommates, minus Audra, for mexican food and a little stroll down the roads of old Main Street. Then on Friday night I went with Tawni so she could see her boyfriend... It was quiet a boring trip, thank goodness our teenage friend came with us so I could act like a child with him while Tawni enjoyed her time with JD.
Other than being very excited to go home this weekend, and that I am upgrading from sleeping on a cot to a futon... nothing is happening here.

Not too bad for a timer picture... see they are beautiful

On our way to Globe

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