Tender Mercies

9:04 AM

May 1-
“Satan doesn’t care if we think too little or too much of ourselves as long as we are thinking of ourselves.”

For my birthday in December, Eric and Laura got me a quote/scripture daily flip calendar. This was today’s quote. How fitting! The last couple of days I have thrown myself quiet the pity party. I have been frustrated with things that always come up in everyone’s life, I am no different then the rest of you. Last night I had a bishop’s interview at 7:30. I arrived promptly, and I waited, and waited….and waited. I grew a little impatient after about 20 minutes of this. Finally the bishop opened his door, but only to say “Natalie, can you give me just a few more minutes, I am sorry.” So I waited about another 20 minutes before I was able to see him. When I saw him he apologized and told me that the girl that he had seen before had lost both her parents within the last six months just a couple months apart. How selfish of me to think of my time, when that girl has had harder trials than I could even imagine. Satan knows how to get us, and he does it anyway he can…I have seen this and experienced this with in the last month Even if it is something as simple as thinking of ourselves too much. Discouragement is one of his biggest tools, and he uses it every chance he gets. Anyway, I know the Lord is always aware of us in our situations and will let us know… Just as He did today in a simple little ‘quote of the day’

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