"She's a horrible person...."

4:19 PM

This week I was able to go work for my dad up in Eagar so that he could come to Mesa to be at Eric and Laura's sealing to Kacin and Kyler. We have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and I am glad I was able to take off of work so my dad could be there! I was excited to go for a number of reasons. Number 1: it is always nice to go home. Number 2: something about Eagar makes all my worries go away. Number 3: I really needed to get away from the University of Phoenix corporate garbage and remember that not everyone runs their business the same way they do and can still be successful and happy. :)
There have always been times that I can remember in my life when finding good employees has been a struggle, or just finding employees in general is tough at times. That is one of the reasons I was needed up there, dad doesn't have someone that he can really leave there to run the store. I love working at the store, I always have actually! The day started off a little stressful because one of the girls showed up almost an hour late, and the other one is still in high school and I think she is just still learning what work is. I was trying to make the best of it so I didn't get frustrated and chase the girls off. So I would find random things throughout the day to make me laugh. 
Just after I got done eating lunch a woman walked in the store with an application to turn in. I was excited that there was a potential, prospective employee, and the hope of a good employee overjoyed me. You would think that after being gone for 4 or more years this would not be something that I would really care a lot about, however it is a dream I have that one day dad will have just one employee that is magical. One employee that works hard, sells a lot, and can be trusted so my dad can get a day off and have a vacation!! I didn't take but a glance at the woman as I took the application from her hands and searched for an available date to work, but found nothing. I looked up and asked her when she would be available to work- there I found a scraggly looking woman who sadly looked like she desperately needed a job. She told me she would be available immediately, and I told her that I would give the owner her application to look over. 
I walked back to the office and I was looking at the application that had been poorly done. Half of it was left blank with unanswered question. Scribbled out words and numbers. I turned it over to see what kind of job experience she had, hoping to find that she had previous retail experience. I found what had to be the biggest laugh of the day. I feel bad that I used this poor woman as my entertainment for the day, but look at what I read under why she had left her previous job: 

"She is a horrible person, no raises ever"

HAHAHAH!! I laughed so hard. I was completely struck with awe that someone would be that brutally honest about why they had left their job. Most people try to make themselves sound more capable and better than they probably realistically are.... Not this woman, she was just very honest and direct.... apparently she did NOT like her previous employer. :) 

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