Hate, Jealousy, and Envy- How'd I do Danica?

10:39 AM

I was kindly reminded, by Danica, on Tuesday that it had been quiet sometime since I had updated my blog, and allowed for my friends and family to be jealous of my life. Her statement went something like this, “You need to update your blog so I can hate how perfect your life is… because that is what you do when you blog.” So those were not the exact words, but that was the feeling.
I don’t even know where to start! Life has been busy. I will start off by saying that I have experienced true joy this week. I found out my neighbors are getting EVICTED!! YAHOO!! I am not sure if it is right to feel this kind of happiness in another person’s expense. They will be homeless, and I am overjoyed…. Sounds a little twisted, but I think it is safe to say that the last 2 years of living next to them (and more recently the last 2 weeks) has taught me how to NOT control my anger and frustrations. It will all be over soon though!! YAY!

Along with loving my job and sitting in a cube all day, I am in my last class before I apply to nursing school. I have not decided my exact plans, but this last class will allow me to apply to nursing school in Thatcher for January. Yes that is right people; I am probably going to be moving back to the place I once hated!! In the fall I will take another couple classes that will allow me to apply other programs here in AZ, just in case my plans change….. I finally feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It has taken a lot of time to get all the classes I needed for school.
In just a few weeks Eric, Laura, Kyler, and Kacin will be sealed as a family. I am so excited and happy for this. I always talk about how blessed I really feel our family (and also Laura’s family) have been to have these boys come to Eric and Laura. I just wish they would move back to AZ!!! I have had family on my mind a lot, especially in the last few months. I really have some of the BEST parents. They have taught me so many good things. They are strong people, especially my dad… and my mom is always so supportive of him. I see the husband and dad Eric is, and I know that it is because of the things we learned from our parents and their examples…..Thanks Parents!
On a lighter note, I am going to St. David today after work. I never thought I would say I was excited to visit a small village, but I am! It really is the closest thing to a village. The only thing there is some houses, a gas station, and a post office… they may have a little café. I was there last weekend, and I really liked it. I am going to go fishing on Saturday and just enjoy a town of no stress… it’s very peaceful there and I am excited to get away from the busy things that have been going on lately. I will try to be better at updating more often, my life can be exciting… and I am sure you all would love better updates- or at least Danica will :)

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