A few days of reflection

9:22 AM

I am in Thatcher right now. I came up for the weekend to bring Stuart my futon. He just recently moved into a new place, and they had a couch that was making him sick... So I brought him the futon to replace it! Mary came with me and we have been having a lot of fun!

I have been visiting memory lane, and what life was like when I used to live here. I HATED IT! I did not like living here at all! The feeling is so different now that I am back to visit. There are times when I wish I would have taken advantage of all the opportunities that are here. There are some things that I did like though.... 
1. They have a wonderful instiute program! The teachers here were amazing, and they was a lot going on for single adults. However, I did not take full advantage of it while I was here.... I did like the idea of always having something to do.
2. Everything is so close. We went on a walk yesterday while Stuart had his laundry in the wash, and I love, love, LOVED it! (I used to always get so irritated at Stuart when he would take the car and I had to walk- REALLY?? I love walks so much!)
3. Life is simple! Saturdays consists of cleaning the house, watching movies, and relaxing.... Ah, it was blissful!
4. TRAVIS! I love Travis!! He is the best girlfriend that is a guy! hahaha!! he is so FUNNY. He came over to Stuart's house last night, and we just laugh..... (sigh) I think everyone needs a Travis in their life :)
5. Jilebertos rootbeer!! I don't know what they do to that stuff, but I think it is safe to say that it is by far the VERY BEST rootbeer in the entire world! That is right people- THE ENTIRE WORLD!

It's been fun to spend the weekend with Mary Catherine. She really is a neat girl! We have not had many chances to spend a lot of time together. It has been a really good weekend with her. I am so happy that I have a roommate that has high standards, and reminds me sometimes that it's okay to have fun and act like you are 19 again!

This is me and Mary Catherine in front of the Red Lamp Mobile Park. I have always thought it to be a strange name for a trailer park where families live.... This is the only picture we got though! I really need to get me camera fixed!

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