The Catching of a Handsome WHITE man and a Spear

7:40 PM

Stanley is his name. He is a good friend to me. He humors me and lets me think that someone really does care about my little blog. I created a new layout with Ashley on Friday night- and it was so fun! I was very excited and sent Stan a text message first thing on Saturday morning, only to discover this morning (Monday, which is 2 days later) that he had not even taken the time to look at it yet!! I would have to say that I was somewhat hurt to find out that he really just amuses me and makes me feel as though this blog is just as exciting to another person as it is to me.... but sadly that is not the case.

He finally took the time to look, and I believe the email said something like this: "Nice job on your blog, but are you ever going to put other pictures up?" to which I responded, "I know! I just haven't taken any yet." So Stan was a gem and provided me with a couple that I could post and live vicariously through him.Apparently Stan can shoot a small little fish with a spear- I like to pretend he caught it with his own two hands, but that is not the case. If it was my story, which it is not, it would go something like this....

Stan took me up to the waterfalls this weekend! It was SO much fun to just hang out, laugh and play in the water. I have never been to a waterfall before, it was magical! Just like the stories I heard as a child. I believe the name of the movie is, "Behind the Waterfall" It is a Feature Film for Families- my mother loved to buy those when we were kids. If I remember correctly there is a Leprechaun and he helps some children find the treasure at the end of a rainbow... and it is behind the waterfall!! I don't remember much of the details, but I do remember how beautiful the waterfall was, and how funny that little man was!

Stan and I were playing in the water and there were fish EVERYWHERE! I have never seen so many fish in the water as I did that day. I was afraid one might bite off my little toes. I dared Stan to catch one... he said he probably couldn't. But I knew he could... as you can see from the picture he has very large biceps: he is a soccer player you know! After some heavy convincing he tried. It took only 2 times before he snagged one of those little suckers! He couldn't believe he had done it. He was so proud of himself like a little boy who had just got the training wheels off his bike and could ride on his very own.... it was quiet humorous to watch :)

Being that this is not my story, Stan was a little hazy on the details. It was something to effect that him and his brother took a spear gun and shot at fish in the water somewhere... My story is much better!!

Look at the biceps.... hehehe :)
Catch of the day... weak

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