Love for 2 boys

8:10 PM

Our family truly has been blessed by 2 sweet little boys. Kylin (4 yr. old) and Kacin (3 yr. old) are brothers that have been in Eric and Laura’s home since just after conference, in April, as foster children. I have fallen in love with these boys. They have so much energy! Some days they make me laugh so hard.

Today Eric called. Kacin got on the phone, "You're a headstart head Natalie!" he would say, and burst into laughter, as if it was the funniest thing to ever be heard by man. I did not understand it, but his laughter is contagious.... Soon I was laughing just as hard! Kylin got on the phone afterwards and did the same thing- and I still laughed as though it was the first time I had heard it.

I have learned so much from the short time I have spent with the boys. I am still surprised at the capacity in which I have been able to love both Kylin and Kacin. They came into our family 2 boys I never knew anything about.... and I love them as if they have been with us all along. I am so grateful that Eric and Laura have the chance to be parents and raise them. They have blessed our lives and I know they will continue to.

"I love you VERY much, Ky and Kacin!"

Kylin at the family reunion. The boys got cowboy gear from Grandpa Wade's store. Kylin LOVES being a cowboy!

I love this picture of Kacin riding the golf cart with all the kids at the family reunion.

We took a road trip to Grandpa Wade and Grandma Nancy's house.... 4 hours I was in the back seat with these guys- and they didn't sleep even once! I soon found that camera's and phone's are sources of entertainment! (don't pay attention to my beauty in this picture)

This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE picture of Kacin. This was such a good day! We just laughed and played for hours and that is what I think of... happiness :)

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