Weekend with Travis

8:39 PM

I am going to attempt to add pictures somehow... not quiet sure how to do it yet... but I am going to try!
Last weekend Stuart and Travis came to visit. Travis was (and still is) one of my very good friends from when I lived in Thatcher. We always had so much fun! Every Tuesday night we would go to Circle K for hot cocoa... and Travis never missed a Tuesday- no matter how much I didn't want to go, he always convinced me to get out of bed!
Travis owed me a date when he got home from his mission... he has been home since December and it finally worked out. We had a lot of fun hanging out again! Friday night we went bowling... in matching t-shirts we had bought earlier that day. We made my roommate Mary and her friend, Jacob, wear our other matching t-shirts.... they didn't think it was quite as amusing as Travis and I did! haha!!!
Saturday we just relaxed and went to In n Out. While I was drinking my wonderful Dr. Pepper, Travis told me that if I was to drink a soda everyday in 3 months I would gain 20 pounds (Which I later figured out is a big FIB) . We decided then and there we would not have another soda until October 3rd, which is Travis' birthday.... Monday Travis called me, and you can bet that he failed! He is a wimp and couldn't do it!
It was a very fun weekend!!

Our matching t-shirts! :)

Me and MC!

Stu and Travis

Our last soda together... Yeah right... Wimp!

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