My first Blog!

8:47 AM

I am officially a blogger! It took a long time to convince myself I should be, but it finally happened!

My life has been full of changes and too many decisions that need to be made in the last month. Today my new roommate is moving in. I have not quiet decided how I feel about it. In the last 3 weeks, since Kendra moved, I have remembered all the wonderful things that come with living alone. Sure, Sundays are lonely.... but everything else has been absolutely wonderful!

Along with being without a roommate, I have been trying to find a new job. I finished my CNA class about 2 weeks ago, I just need to take my test! I am excited that I am back in school, I just need to get registered for the fall. EEK!! I am such a slacker sometimes.

I will try to keep up with this blogging thing... I am not sure how exciting it will be, or if anyone really cares... but play along, it's fun for me! And if nothing else I can trick myself into thinking that people really care enough to read all this! haha!

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