the week without a car

2:53 PM

Last week... what an adventure.

Saturday morning Cheston had a practice DAT.
His truck didn't start.
He took my truck.
His parents were in town.
We didn't fix the truck that day.

Monday came.
The truck still was not working.
It could not be jumped.
I said I would walk to "work"
6 miles later, I hated my choice.

Then there was Tuesday.
I started a cleanse.
Walked another 6 miles.
Still no working truck.

Wednesday was here.
Walking again.
I was embarrassed at this point because
a 91 year old man insisted that he give me a ride.
I declined.

Still no truck.
My feet hurt so bad on my first 3 mile leg
I thought I would cry.
I took that ride home from that 91 year old man.

And finally that night,
my awfully busy and most handsome husband

What a long week.
Probably the least ideal week to start a cleanse.
6 miles on only fruits or vegetables...
It was successful though.

And I am now more grateful than ever
to have a working vehicle! 
And most importantly
a husband that works so hard that 
he had not even 5 minutes to fix the truck
Until 6 days later!! 
no joke.

6 days. 6 miles.

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