6:59 PM

Holy Moley!!!! January!! Seriously?? JANUARY!!! Just a few changes since January ... I graduated from nursing school! Hallelujah!!! Oh and we moved 956 miles away from home to Texas! TEXAS... Where to start. There are a few things I have learned in the month we have been here in no particular order:
1. Living without Internet is hard.
2. I can survive with minimal things... Like a futon mattress being our only piece of furniture. If it really counts as a piece of furniture. We are very good at improvising. Pictures to come....
3. Texas has more cockroaches than I ever wanted to see in my life. Correction: one of our kitchen cabinets has more cockroaches than I have ever wanted to see in my life.
4. My dad is the best boss ever...
5. Texas drivers are the worst
6. There is no point showering when you live in humidity.
7. Cheston really is my best friend and I love him more every single day.
8. I love Texas gas prices in comparison to Arizona... $3.25/gallon people!! That's pocket change right????
9. I love teaching primary and I miss our ward like crazy!
10. And finally.... Arizona is the best place to live on earth!!!!

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