Good Intentions

7:55 AM

I had good intentions to keep up with my blog during the winter break, but never seemed to actually get around to it.

The break was so nice! It was good to not have to worry about any test, but I still stressed about school. I was sick the whole time, and so happy it was during the break and not school.

During break I reached my peak and have almost gained an entire 20 pounds since being marrried. What the HECK!?!?!?! Seriously???
So we have joined the gym and I have intentions of that 20 pounds disappearing by graduation... Started going to the gym during break and it was going great until I got sick. I am a few pounds down and it is going to keep coming off!

I had a list of about 40 medications that I had intended to memorize by the end of break, and I memorized about 4. So now I will study them everyday until I know them front and back.

I am starting my 4th block of nursing school with a whole list of good intentions, probably too many to put here. I hope these intentions will go better than my planned intentions of blogging more during break.

This semester is going to be CRAZY and I am more terrified for this sememster than even starting nursing school with not a clue of what to expect. My husband has been more than supportive. He never complains when I choose to study rather than do something way more fun with him. He probably just as excited for this semester to be over as I, maybe even more so!

Here's to making it to 4th block and my list of good intentions!!

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