My Boyfriend is 12

9:37 AM

We reverted back to Cheston's childhood and had "ENGINEERING WEEK" and built towers with toothpicks and hot glue.

The rules were as follows:

1. You may only use toothpicks and hot glue.
2. You may not use an excess of hot glue.
3. Your tower must be at least as tall as a pen.
4. The winner's tower will hold the most weight.

Cheston won.

He had 2 more books than this, but I didn't get the camera fast enough... It held them for a solid 20 seconds though.

I had my speculations of how much weight these flimsy towers would hold, but I was quiet surprised at the results. Those books are not what I consider light.

I knew that my nursing books would come in handy for something.... and they did :)

Cheston has debated back and forth between being a dentist and an engineer..... I think he would be an awesome engineer, but he has decided on dentistry for now.

"Engineering week" is just one more reason why I have SO MUCH FUN with this guy!!

He is gone for the summer, and I already miss him! He is selling security systems.... if you have been considering getting one, Cheston is your guy!

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