Fight or Flight??? Does that even apply?

9:14 PM

Tawni and I had been doing so well for a good month. We were walking 3 miles a day, running the stadium, and attending either a kickboxing or pilates class (depending on the day). A good week ago we had decided to lay down on my bed and watch our beloved Jack Bauer in 24. We both were having major sweet tooth cravings.... we wanted something and we wanted it bad. Since we had been working so hard, we didn't want all that work to go to waste. I had stuff to make us berry smoothies.... YUM!!! We made 2 big cups for the both of us. We returned to my room and something TRAGIC occurred...

I had knocked my ENTIRE cup of smoothie off my night stand and made a GIANT mess... Pretty sure it looked like puke. I could not stop laughing and Tawni could not stop bossing "It's going to stain! We got to get this up!" I guess there are reasons why she is getting married, and I am not... she is way more ready for marriage than I.
It has now been exactly a week since we have done any exercise... DANG SMOOTHIE! UGH!

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