I love this man

7:28 PM

This man is my hero. I love him so much. He is the most selfless person I have ever met. His sense of humor is just one more reason why I love him so.

Latest post from Grandpa on our family website:

"Jay Cluff you are ugly and you can't pick a winner. You still think wrestling is a legitamate sport. Will you are tall but you can't play basketball and you are even worse at picking this years champion. And by the way Clint, just because you now have a boy doesn't mean you can pick the winner either. Christine you have a sweet shot but let's see how you are at picking the winning team. Orson you are by far the best basketball player in the family but can you pick the NCAA Champion. And John and Adele you can't use the my knee hurts excuse this time. Step up and show me the Bracket. Jim you can lose weight but can you pick a winner. Jarom you can build a house but can you build a bracket. Scott you are good at biology but how are you at bracketology? Can any Pace set the pace? Allreds? What you got? David, Justin, Chelsea can run but can you run the table in the tourney? Jose it's your birthday but this is no gift you got to earn it. Dang this Morphine is making me feel good"

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