he helped me remember

6:58 PM

Amidst the chaos of finishing my 1st block of nursing school, trying my best to do my calling, and not neglect those that I care most about, I have managed to lose the Christmas spirit that I look forward to all year, every year. It's saddening that not one single festive decoration has adorned the walls of my home, that Christmas carols are a rarity, a card has not been fashioned, and a Christmas craft has not even been started.
That all changed last night. Although I was near complete exhaustion from a long day of clinicals and the worrying and stress of 3 exams in the next 7 days, Cheston managed to get me out of bed (at 8pm, might I add) to bring the spirit of Christmas into my heart! His original plan was for us to make each other ornaments... alas Walmart fails every time and not a single "do it yourself" ornament was to be found. Creativity struck Cheston's mind and we made a plate and a candy dish!! Let's face it, Cheston is better at everything than I am.... including crafting!
Here are our creations!!!!

We also reverted to our childhood and built a fort last week when I got home from my Thanksgiving visit to my family. He fashioned this for me and we played Disney children's games (compliments of my mother).... and of course Cheston won EVERY game.

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