Kart Races

11:42 AM

A few weeks ago my friends Scott and Mark had a surprise for Mary Catherine and I. We didn't know where we were going, but we were assured several times that it was going to be fun. They were smart guys not to tell us what we were doing, otherwise I would not have got into Scott's car! They took us to this high speed kart racing place. It was SO much fun! I was not excited about it when we first got there, but I tole myself that I was not going to complain because thye had put some thought into it, and not to mention they were both forking out like $50 for us to have an enjoyable (or not so enjoyable) 15 minutes.... That's right people, $25 a person for a 15 minute ride! So I did not dare say one negative thing about it.... I tried to play it off like I was so excited, but on the inside I was a mess and just wanted to cry and go home! 
There we signs posted everywhere that said things like "CAUTION: We are not responsible for injuries" or "You may catch fire" or "Death can occur while racing" So I had every reason to want to go home!! 
Surprisingly enough it was SO much fun!! I even went back for New Years! Thanks Scott and Mark!! 

Me and MC after the race! These expressions were probably exactly how we felt before we raced!
Mark, me, Scott
I am such a shortie!
MC in her race gear!

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