The Day Was Bound to Come... Lucky 7 tag

4:55 PM

I have been tagged... I always knew this day would come, here it is.

7 Things I can do:
- I can finally run over a mile without stopping and feeling like I am going to die (you would think I could run farther, NOPE, I am just not that impressive)
- I can do hair, I have my cosmetology license and I love it!
- I can make gluten-free food, finally, that tastes decent.
- I can consistantly ruin chicken when I make it at least once a month or more. I will always try to be creative and I end up just wasting chicken... or choking it down for days!
- I can make a coconut cream pie from scratch and make it taste like an omlet.
- I can watch The Dark Knight over and over again and not get sick of paying more than $10 to watch it at the theater.... I am going to see it in the IMAX tonight actually.... LOVE :)
- I can laugh extremely loud in Sacrement Meeting and not even realize it until it is FAR too late.

7 Things I can't do:
- I can't say the alphabet backwards
- I can't stay mad at someone or I will go crazy.
- I can't tell anyone 'no' when they need something no matter what I have going on.
- I can't manage to enroll more than 5 people into school every month and it irritates me every month.
- I can't find enough time in my day to do everything I want.
- I can't wiggle my ears or flare my nostrils no matter how hard I try.
- I can't stand having to change my turtles water every month.

7 Things I most often say:
- I am not gonna lie....
- I'm kind of a big deal...
- That's wonderful!
- Done!
- I'm gonna go with a big 'no' on that
- I have gas.....

7 Celebrity Admirations:
- Steve Carell in the office, this is my new found love
- Michael Buble: AMAZING voice
- Sandra Bulloch: for some reason I think she is beautiful!
- Rascall Flatts: I just love them in general.
- Bob Barker: I always wanted to kiss that man. I didn't get the chance, but I got to go to one of his last tapings before they ruined the show with Drew Carey.
- Matt Lauer... don't ask, I just really like him
- Leandro Barbosa: BEST FOR LAST! I love Leandro, and want him to be my husband.... He is beautiful! Ashley found out where he lives, I will be dropping by to visit. His girlfriend will be gone in no time and that is when I will make my move!

7 Favorite Foods:
- Soft Pretzels with cheese sauce
- Brownies
- Pizza
- Vegetables
- Stir Fry
- All Mexicna food

7 people I tag:
- Ashley
- Sarah Pace
- Jessica Hunt
- Danica
- Kellyn
- Mary Ann
- Mari

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